A Big Shout Out to Chris Moore and OCSA!

Last night I had the opportunity to play some of the old Fuel songs that I haven’t played in quite a long time. Orange County School of the Arts(OCSA) was having a fundraising event to help support it’s Commercial Music Program. This was a great opportunity for select students to perform songs and get real stage experience. Chris Moore, a former Thud Studios client, contacted me asked me and asked if I could help participate in the event . Chris has two sons Jaron & Trevor that attend OCSA. I was happy to help Chris out as I am a strong supporter of music programs in schools and well aware of the important role these programs can make for a well rounded and creative student. That being said, thank you to everyone who came out in support. Also a big thanks to Jaron, Trevor, & Chris Moore for doing such a great job learning and performing the Fuel stuff!

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